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Watch: Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan Reunite In First Trailer for 'Ithaca'

Meg Ryan Ithaca

If you’ve been missing Meg Ryan on the big screen, we’ve got good news: you’ll soon be able to see her in the period piece drama Ithaca. But wait, there’s more! 

Not only is Meg Ryan in Ithaca, but so is her fellow ’90s superstar Tom Hanks.

But wait, there’s even more!

Not only is Meg Ryan in Ithaca with Tom Hanks, but it’s also her directorial debut. Pretty good news for Meg Ryan fans, right?

As for what the movie is actually about, Ithaca is an adaptation of the 1943 book The Human Comedy about an American boy who becomes a bike messenger in his small town at the height of World War II, meaning he ends up delivering life-altering letters to people on a regular basis. It looks like a rather touching, rather special coming-of-age story. Check it out.

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