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Zone Shield EZ Digital Picture Frame Video Hidden Camera – C55…

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Undetectable & Fits Anywhere

Looking for a covert camera to secretly keep an eye on your home or office? Well, the Zone Shield EZ digital frame camera is
designed just for that! We’ve combined over 15 years of surveillance experience to design a spy gadget that will easily fly under
the radar. So no one will notice the pinhole of the camera placed inside. This is also one of our easiest to use spy cams since
you can switch between features using the on-board controls.

No Grainy Videos

The camera for spying records video in 720P, full color, and at 30FPS, so you’ll manage to pick out even the tiniest of details.
And you’ll enjoy quite a bit of storage space too. With a record rate of 1GB every 30 minutes, a 32GB SD card will be able to hold
up to 9 hours of footage. The motion activated technology ensures that you won’t capture any footage of empty rooms to greatly
save time during reviewing. But you also have the option of continuous recording whenever that is ideal.

Here’s why you’ll love this spying camera:

– Built-in DVR records footage in color HD.

– Time and date stamped footage for accurate analysis.

– No setup required; simply plug and play.

– Powered by AC eliminating risk of running out of charge.

– Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux OS.

Count on the Zone Shield digital frame spy camera to keep a clear eye on your affairs and give you complete peace of mind. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now!Digital Picture Frame Hidden Camera with DVR – Motion Activated Spy Gadget – 720P HD Video- Self Recording Cam – Supports 32GB SD Card- Best USA Made Recorder for Home, Kids, Nanny, Office (Black)
COVERTLY HIDDEN CAMERA: The spy camera recorder is well-hidden in a fully functional digital picture frame, making it blend undetectably in any home, office or bedroom.
HD VIDEO RECORDING: This hidden security camera records video in true HD, with its resolution of 1280 x 720, full color, and recording rate of 30FPS ensuring crystal clear videos every time.
AMPLE STORAGE: The Zone Shield digital wireless spy camera supports SD cards up to 32GB. The memory card stores up to 9 hours of time and date stamped footage, and covertly passes off as the regular storage of the picture frame.
MOTION DETECTOR SPY GADGET: You won’t experience any idle footage of empty rooms with this surveillance camera thanks to the motion activated technology. You also have the choice of switching to continuous recording.

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