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Disney Walkie Talkies – Pirates Of The Caribbean, Jack Sparrow…

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Set sail for a FUN as Captain Jack Sparrow! These unique kids walkie talkies are built tough with a flexible antenna. Push the button to share secrets, and flip open to reveal a fun compass design. Order Now

“This Is The Day You Will Always Remember As The Day You ALMOST Caught Captain Jack Sparrow” – Jack Sparrow

… But you might catch him today, because NOW you have these walkie talkies!

Go on a crazy adventure with your pirate friends and your new Pirates Of The Caribbean Walkie Talkies! Push the button to talk to your shipmates and find clues to hidden treasure! Use the compass design to chart your course… and prevail as the legendary pirate Captain!

  • Set of 2 Short Range Walkie Talkies
  • Unique Flip Open Design
  • Walkie Talkie
  • Flexible Antenna

A fun gift for boys, but also the perfect gift walkie talkies for girls who ADORE Captain Jack Sparrow!

… The NEW Disney Pirates Of The Caribbean™ Compass Walkie Talkies – Order Today.

Go On An Epic Adventure! This Walkie Talkie holds a special secret. It looks like Captain Jack Sparrow’s Compass! Hurry and set sail with your pirate friends – Jack’s coming to get it back!
Dead Man Tell No Tales: Push the button on your walkie talkie and share secrets with your fellow pirates. Plan your next adventure, and stay clear of danger on the high seas.
Strong and Flexible! It gets rough out on The Black Pearl! These kids walkie talkies are durable WITH a flexible antenna. Order Now.
Unique Flip Open Design: Its a short-range radio! Flip open the lid for a unique walkie talkie that looks cool with any Jack Sparrow costume! Ages 3 and up.
Perfect Gift: This will make any pirates or movie fans day. Perfect birthday gift for your little pirate.

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