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‘Doctor Who’ Season 10 trailer is full of old friends, new monsters and so much Bill

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A brand new trailer for “Doctor Who” Season 10 has arrived, and we can hardly contain ourselves over how much fun the show managed to jam into 60 seconds. With the new season comes Bill (Pearl Mackie), the Doctor’s new companion, and rather than be bogged down by all the drama of the last few seasons, “Doctor Who” has set its sights on having a good time.

The trailer is loaded with familiar characters — from Daleks to Cybermen to Missy (Michelle Gomez), of course — and is using it all to introduce Bill to just how crazy a life traveling through all of space and time with the Doctor is. “This is the gateway to everything that ever was or ever can be,” the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) tells Bill before bringing her onto the TARDIS.

It feels almost like a fresh start for the series, which is heading into its final season with Capaldi as star and Steven Moffat as showrunner. With that in mind, the Season 10 premiere is fittingly titled “The Pilot.” It’s unclear how that particular title will play into the episode but given that in TV a pilot episode is also the first installment used to entice viewers to keep coming back, we’re pretty sure there’s a bit of a double-meaning.

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After all, this is Moffat’s victory lap and the chance for Capaldi to truly shine on his own after inheriting Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman) from a previous Doctor. Rather than matching her, the Doctor is setting the tone for the show and bringing his new friend Bill along for the ride. While this may be his final season, it gives the 13th Doctor the chance to go out on his own terms and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

pearl mackie peter capaldi doctor who bbca Doctor Who Season 10 trailer is full of old friends, new monsters and so much Bill

Of course, it also gives the Doctor the opportunity to view his final adventures through a fresh set of eyes in his companion. Bill is positively dazzled by everything she encounters with the Doctor in the trailer, from Mars to robots to the Victorian era.

As much as we loved Clara, it’s exciting to have someone completely new who is experiencing everything for the first time. It’s been too long since that sort of excitement has been aboard the TARDIS.

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“Doctor Who” Saturday, April 15, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on BBC America.

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