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New ‘Don Jon’ Trailer: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Woos Scarlett Johansson (VIDEO)

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Scarlett Johansson in 'Don Jon'Daniel McFadden/Relativity Media

We all know the formula for the typical romantic comedy, right?

As Joseph Gordon-Levitt lays out in the new trailer for his directorial debut, “Don Jon,” it goes a little like this: “The pretty woman, the first kiss, the breakup, the makeup — everyone knows it’s fake, but they watch it like it’s real life.”

Pretty woman? Scarlett Johansson, check. First kiss? Check. For the rest, that depends on what happens when the girl finds out Don Jon is an avid (and we mean avid) watcher of porn. Breakup? Maybe. Makeup and happily ever after? We’ll have to watch and find out.

While the new trailer doesn’t feature wildly different footage than the first, it’s still entertaining to listen to both JGL and Johansson do their best New Jersey accents.

“Don Jon” also stars Tony Danza, Glenne Headly, Julianne Moore, and Brie Larson. It opens in theaters September 27.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Scarlett Johansson In Don Jon First Trailer

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