Ryan Gosling Birthday: Actor Turns 31; What’s His Finest Onscreen Moment

Hey girl

(and boy): it’s Ryan Gosling’s 31st birthday! You can celebrate this extra-special occasion by breaking up a street fight, wearing a stripped tank top, walking a dog, or seeing one of Gosling’s three 2011 releases: ‘Crazy Stupid Love’ (on DVD now), ‘Drive’ and ‘The Ides of March.’ Either that, or check out a slideshow of adorable Gosling pics ahead (is there any other kind?), while also reminiscing about his finest onscreen moment.

Oh, McAdams and Gosling; couldn’t these two crazy kids figure out how to make it work in real life? Alas. Of course, that’s from ‘The Notebook,’ Gosling’s breakout role, and while not his best — for an example of sheer raw talent, check out his heartbreaking work in ‘Half Nelson’; for an example of sheer raw Gosling, you can’t beat ‘Drive’ — it’s still one of his most memorable. That beard! The wild eyes! This dude makes her a table! That’s love.

Celebrate Gosling’s birthday in the comments section below. What’s your favorite Gos-y moment?

EARLIER: Anne Hathaway is celebrating a birthday too!

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